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About Me

Oregon-based drummer, Ken Mastrogiovanni, brings a unique sensibility and modern voice to the drums and the music, making him a rising musician of his generation in his music scene. 


The very early years of his music environment was shaped by his older brother’s j-pop, ska, and electronic bands, as well as listening to the latest jazz and avant-garde music his father played at home. This would subconsciously influence his musical interests and vocabulary going forward. 


Starting drum set at eleven, his musical adventure was fueled by many important mentors, eventually leading him to recent performance opportunities as a sideman with such artists as Jaleel Shaw, George Colligan, Dick Oatts, Jim Rotondi, Keith Brown, Roxy Coss and Geoffrey Keezer. 


He completed his M.M. in Jazz Studies at the University of Oregon, and is now the drum set instructor at his alma mater, chairs a similar post and duties at Lane Community College, and maintains his own private lesson studio. 


Producing under the title, “kenthemaestro”, he creates beats that transcend genre, collaborating with MCs and other creative musicians, and releases his own beat projects. 

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